Fall Winter 19 - Paula Torres

About Us

In the luxury market for more than seven years, designer Paula Torres, adds a thorough investigation of feminine movement to the sophistication and elegance of to her eponymous label. The shoemaker translates a contemporary proposal in her products, always with her own style and personality. The handmade pieces have an impeccable finish and unique design.

Careful preparation starts with the creation process in her studio, through to the final product, being the main characteristic of the brand's handmade work. The shoes are produced with high quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technology. The pieces are finished with gemstones, pearls and glitter. Laser cutting and innovative designs are applied to the international standard modeling of the label's various options, ranging from slippers to heeled sandals. Luxury permeates all the pieces.

Within the two annual collections, special lines in limited editions offer differentiated and singular pieces, always arousing desire among consumers.

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